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NZ bird of prey centre

Learn about Our New Zealand Birds of Prey

  • Our Falconry Heritage
    Our falconry heritage
    Our falconry heritage

    Falconry goes back 4,000 to 6,000 years BC originating in Mongolia or the Middle East where it was well established by 2,000 BC.

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  • What is a raptor?
    NZ Falcon Bird of Prey
    NZ Falcon Bird of Prey

    A raptor is a bird of prey that hunts for its food. The term 'bird of prey' refers to those that catch their prey with their feet.

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  • Watch us on YouTube
    watch the Wingspan video
    Watch the Wingspan video

    Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust is the only centre dedicated to the conservation of the New Zealand falcon.

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  • Donate
    Wingspan Bird of Prey Centre Appeal
    bird of prey support appeal

    We’re working to save New Zealand’s threatened birds of prey. Please donate to help our falcons.

Help us spread our wings

Our Goal

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The Goal of Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust is to: Restore New Zealand birds of prey into our daily lives and secure their long-term future through practical research based conservation action and education...

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Visit Us

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Visit us at the Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre: Experience the thrill of a close encounter with our birds of prey. Wingspan Flying displays are held daily at 2pm.
1164 Paradise Valley Road, Rotorua, New Zealand | 07 357 4469

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Give-a-Little on Giving Tuesday:

What's faster than a V8 Supercar, rarer than a Kiwi and only found in NZ?
The Karearea (New Zealand falcon) - the one on the $20 banknote.

Show you care about New Zealand wildlife on Giving Tuesday:
1. Visit Wingspan and donate $20.00, a 'falcon' for a falcon!
2. Take an ‘unselfie’ and post #unselfie on Facebook or Twitter!

All donations go into the draw for a ‘Raptor Experience and Behind-the-Scenes’ visit to the Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre plus a free T-shirt of our favourite bird! Donate →
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