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  • Wingspan Postcard Pack

    Wingspan postcard pack

    Pack of four postcards representing New Zealand’s four native birds of prey. Hawk (harrier), falcon, morepork and barn owl.
    Size: 42cm x 30cm    Shipping: worldwide

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  • Assorted Gift Card Pack

    Morepork owl gift cards

    Pack of 6 Wendy Goodwin cards - moreporks, falcons and hawk, with matching envelopes. Reproduced from original artworks.

    Size: 15cm x 10.5cm    Shipping: worldwide

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  • Gift Card - 'Whisper' - Sorry sold out!

    Morepork owl gift cards

    'Whisper' - A5 cards, sold individually, reproduced from original pastel drawing by Ineke Smets.

    Size: 21cm x 15cm    Shipping: worldwide

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