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    Wingspan’s work is funded entirely by membership and donations from people and businesses like you.

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    Wingspan needs to grow if we are to reach our goal of restoring New Zealand’s birds of prey into our daily lives and securing their long term future. This includes moving operations to a new more permanent site, expanding and developing a new centre. At our current centre we are restricted in the numbers of birds we can breed for release into the wild. Moving to a new site in Rotorua and developing a larger centre, will allow us to breed more birds, and restore falcon populations nationwide.

    We need your support to grow. Expanding will also allow us to reach out to more people and show how birds of prey fit into the bigger picture. Birds of prey require a healthy environment. As a result Wingspan believes sustainable environmental and cultural practices go hand in hand with the conservation of New Zealand’s unique biodiversity. The new centre will therefore focus on conservation and education, while also promoting awareness of the environment, the importance of biodiversity and the unique cultural heritage surrounding birds of prey.

    Wingspan is seeking partnerships with other like-minded people and organisations. We would like to invite you to join us on the journey to achieve our goal, beginning by supporting Wingspan in purchasing land and developing a new centre. No matter how small, your donation really makes a difference.

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    If you would like to discuss a partnership or sponsorship package to suit you please contact us:  phone: (07) 357 4469 or visit us: Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre.

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