Falconer at Wingspan training an NZ falcon



  • what is Falconry?

    NZ falcon

    Falconry is hunting wild quarry in a natural state with trained birds of prey. It is one of the oldest forms of hunting and is practised in many countries around the world. Falconry worldwide currently involves the use of both wild birds and domestically produced birds, including captive breeding from permanently injured wild birds.

    When visiting the Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre you enter the world of falconry. In our museum you will learn about the history of this ancient practice and during our flight displays we showcase falconry techniques and demonstrate how Wingspan uses this age-old art to help the conservation of the threatened New Zealand falcon. You will see the spectacular flying skills of falcons as they stoop and chase the falconer’s lure. If you're lucky you may see a falcon chase and catch its prey!

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