Wingspan Bird of Prey Centre

Our New Journey

The New Wingspan Centre

  • Follow our relocation journey

    Wingspan bird of prey aviary

    Wingspan is growing and has relocated to a new site. Follow our journey as we prepare the way forward - creating a wonderful new Bird of Prey Centre. We need your fundraising and donations to help us build our new centre.

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  • A New Home For Wingspan | 23 July 2018


    Welcome to a virtual visit to the new Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre. Help Wingspan build and then come and visit! Watch the video of the proposed Wingspan Rotorua Concept Design by Aaron Bailey.

  • Kai for kāhu and kārearea! | 01 July 2018

    Wingspan bird of prey aviary

    Young students of Te Rangihakahaka School in Rotorua are helping Wingspan. They held a school hangi in the first week of July, with the proceeds, a donation of almost $500, going to the new centre!

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  • You know you want one! | 21 June 2018

    Wingspan bird of prey aviary

    Tumbleweed Tees are supporting fundraising for the new Wingspan centre! Stunning falcon and morepork T-Shirts for adults, check them out:

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  • A few words | 28 May 2018


    'The Hunters' Book Launch. The story of New Zealand's birds of prey, and the story of Wingspan ... 25 years in the making! All proceeds from the sales of this special hardcover, limited edition donated to the new Wingspan Centre.

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  • Earthworks and Thunder | 20 April 2018


    The Raptor Movement. Earthworks and Thunderbirds are GO!

  • The Hunters | 16 April 2018


    Pre-Launch - The first ever book on New Zealand birds of prey by Debbie Stewart. A special hardcover limited edition has been produced with all proceeds going to the new Wingspan Centre.

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  • Just another day at the office | 20 March 2018


    Just another day at the Office! So how many times can a truck get stuck, if two trucks get stuck, or three trucks stuck... in mud!

  • The Raptor Movement - a Ruud Moment | 01 March 2018


    Another Ruud Day at the office!

  • Raptor Movement - Moving The Mews | 21 February 2018


    A-Mewsing! Just the lift that was needed. The Rotorua Towing Services Team makes it look easy!

  • Raptor Movement - Packing Up | 20 February 2018


    Rocking, and rolling, and packing, and raining, and clearing ... with a little help from the first wave of the volunteer calvalry!

  • Raptor Movement - Temp Aviaries | 10 February 2018


    The new Wingspan site, on the ancestral lands of Ngāti Whakaue, Te Arawa! Featuring the second wave of the volunteer cavalry building temporary aviaries. Your donations have contributed to the costs of these materials. Thank you!

  • Raptor Movement - Final Visitors | 26 January 2018


    Thanks for Visiting!

  • Raptor Movement - Final Flight Display | 31 December 2017


    Thanks for Visiting!