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  • Learn about our spectacular birds of prey.

    injured bird of prey - falcon

    Here at Wingspan we believe that awareness excites passion and knowledge leads to appreciation.

    Wingspan was established to educate and enthuse people about New Zealand’s birds of prey and considers education and advocacy as vital to their conservation.

    Education is fundamental, not only for the successful conservation of birds of prey, but also to benefit us as people, to preserve cultures and to protect the environment that we share with these fascinating birds.

    Learn about our birds of prey: A bird of prey is a bird that hunts for its food. But lots of birds hunt for their food and are not birds of prey – so what makes these birds different - and what is a raptor?
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    Learn about falconry: Falconry is the art of hunting for quarry with a trained bird of prey. How long have people been doing this and why is falconry critical to the successful conservation of the New Zealand falcon?
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    Learn about Māori and birds of prey: Tohunga (spiritual advisors) used birds of prey as mediums to communicate with the gods. The ruru/morepork especially features prominently in Māori mythology.
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    Learn about our our environment: Saving New Zealand’s birds of prey is not just about the birds. It’s about supporting a healthy environment...
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    Kids Activities - a fun way to introduce children to our birds of prey: Our ambassadors, Zoe the morepork and Koha the falcon, will introduce you to the world of Wingspan with fun activities for small and big children alike!
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