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Kids Activities

  • Welcome to our kids activities page!


    Here you'll find a variety of exciting raptor related activitiesfrom recipes for tasty raptor treats to a raptor related quiz. To get you started, read about the Wingspan Ambassadors – Zoe the Morepork and Charlotte the falcon, and find out what ideas they have for fun things you can do at home!

  • Zoe The Morepork

    Zoe the morepork

    Being the bookish and wise owl she is, Zoe the Morepork has a very important job – she looks after our Wingspan research collection. Staying up all night collating records and preparing specimens she spends most of the day snoozing amongst the microscopes and filing cabinets.

    When you visit Wingspan, see if you can spot Zoe having a snooze! Also check out below to see how you can make a Zoe the Morepork bookmark!

  • Charlotte The falcon

    Charlotte the falcon

    Like most falcons Charlotte has lots of energy! Although possibly a bit of a princess with her perfectly manicured and painted talons, Charlotte is fast and furious and likes nothing more than carving up the sky on a windy day!

    Flying so quickly, Charlotte helps fetch and deliver the Wingspan post – see if you can spot Charlotte the Falcon when you visit us!

  • Colouring Our Birds of Prey

    Wingspan colour in 9 loose leaf pages


    Wingspan Colour Me In

    A set of 9 loose leaf pages of our birds of prey to colour in. Artwork by our talented Wingspan staff member, Heidi Stook.

    Buy online or over the counter at the Wingspan shop.

    Buy Wingspan Colour-Me-In

  • Raptor recipes

    colouring in competition

    Every bird of prey needs lots of food to survive, and so do we! So here are some easy raptor recipes from Zoe and Charlotte to help fill those hungry bellies!

    Birds of prey eat everything; bone, fur, feather and meat. Whatever they can’t digest they cough back up in the form of a pellet. Sounds gross? Its not! This is all really important for their heath and to ensure their digestive systems keeps working well. Here are a couple of recipes to make your own ‘pellets’, but these ones taste much better! Zoe and Charlotte eat different things so their pellet recipes are quite different.

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  • Zoe the Morepork Bookmark

    morepork bookmark

    Zoe the Morepork likes to read.
    Here is a pattern to make your very own Zoe the Morepork bookmark to look over the top of your book as you read! Print out the pdf file and get creative!

    morepork bookmark (3mb PDF)

  • Test your bird of prey knowledge with this quiz.

    colouring in competition

    Don’t know the answer?

    Look through the website to find out all you need to know. This is a good one for the classroom too! Download and print out our fun quiz sheets for the classroom.

    Quiz Sheet Front (0.5mb PDF)
    Quiz Sheet Back (0.3mb PDF)

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