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  • Wheels for Wingspan

    Support Wingspan - Help to buy a car

    Wingspan continues to look after our raptors, but a lot of our work is off-site, and in the wild. Wingspan urgently needs a purpose vehicle for injured bird pick-ups, translocations, releases, and research monitoring of raptors in the wild.

    Wingspan is hoping to raise $30,000 for a purpose on-road and off-road vehicle, and is relying on your support to help purchase new wheels. Four on the floor for raptors!

    Donations are welcomed to help us run around for our feathered friends when they need us. We can’t do it without you! Can you help?

    As a New Zealand registered charitable trust, all donations are tax deductible. For corporate donations of $1000, logo placement on the vehicle will be provided as an acknowledgement and to provide additional recognition of support. For individual donations of $1000, Wingspan will save you a seat on a research trip!

  • Running for Falcons - Saturday 4 May

    bird of prey - falcon chick

    On Saturday 4th May the Wingspan team ran in the 2013 Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon, raising funds for new road signage. A big thank you to all who gave so generously. Click below to donate - It's not too late to donate to repair our new road signage and remove the awful tagging!

  • Make a Gift Donation - whatever the occasion

    bird of prey - falcon chick

    Don't know what to give that nature loving friend who seems to have everything? Make a gift donation, fill in your gift message in the PayPal checkout and we will send your friend a special gift card telling them of your generosity. Every donation helps - no matter how small! Help save our threatened NZ falcon by supporting our work with your gift donation.

    Leave a gift message in checkout or contact: wingspan.nz@gmail.com

  • Sponsor Wingspan's work to save our Raptors

    bird of prey - falcon chick

    Wingspan’s work is funded entirely by membership and donations from people and businesses like you.

    Wild Bird Sponsorship: $200
    Captive Bird Sponsorships: from $100 to $1000
    Aviary Sponsorship: $5000 p.a.

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    If you would like to discuss a partnership or sponsorship package to suit you please contact us:
    wingspan.nz@gmail.com, phone: 07 357 4469 or visit us: Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre.

  • We are growing: help us spread our wings.

    Falcon chick New WIngspan Centre Appeal

    To realise our goal we need to move to a new site to expand and develope a new centre. This new centre will focus on conservation and education; it will also promote awareness of the environment, the importance of bioiversity and the unique cultural heritage surrounding birds of prey. We need your support to grow... more →