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  • Kurien (Koshy) Yohannan, Administration Manager

    Kurien (Koshy) Yohannen Wingspan admin manager

    Koshy is a well-recognised figure around Rotorua, never far from his red field jacket and sporting his armoury of camera equipment around his neck. As a wildlife and bird photographer for more than eight years, his work is recognised in the United Kingdom, India, and most recently New Zealand. From a Scottish and Indian background (he refers to himself as a ‘Scindian’), the combination works well when working with the Wingspan accounts. He obtained a Master of Business in Edinburgh Scotland, and is a key staff member for planning and marketing at Wingspan, Koshy proving that it’s not just about saving falcons – it’s also about saving the receipts!

  • Penelope (Pen) Dower Hunt, graphic Designer/Web Manager

    Pen Hunt web designer

    Another long-term supporter of the Trust, Pen first encountered Wingspan when mutual friend Allan approached Debbie about filming some Japanese pop star dressed as a penguin in a stream down the road from Wingspan. Intrigued? It’s far too long a story to tell here. But suffice to say that Pen and Al 's partnership has the creative / eccentric side of Wingspan fully covered! Pen turns Al's great photography into engaging web sites that help us educate people about the beauty and value of the natural world. She even makes us hardened outdoor types want to get onto the web and have a surf!