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  • "Birds of Prey Are Cool... " Just ask our friends.

    Ruud Kleinpaste

    "Birds of prey are cool because... they are part of a system that knows no waste.” - Ruud Kleinpaste, radio host / environmentalist.

    "Birds of prey are cool because… they make their own decisions" - Dr Nick Fox, raptor biologist / NZ falcon aficionado.

    “Birds of prey are cool because… they always seem a bit superior, like they know they are the top of the bird chain, and that nobleness seems to give them a sense of calm dignity that belies their ruthless nature.” - Te Radar, comedian / environmentalist.

    "Birds of prey KNOW they're cool!" - Gary Larsen, cartoonist.

  • Our Fans say...


    "If only all bird of prey centres were like this one, outstanding dedication and work" - Dan McAlinden

    "What a beautiful facility and a great buncåh of birds" - Kimberly Collins

    "Amazing sanctuary! Thank you for your passion" - Tom & Sue Frostman

    "Second time here, still a great place" - Pengally Family

    "A must for all Kiwis" - Murray Prouse

    "Thanks for helping these birds to survive" - Paul & Margaret Duthie

    "I never expected to see this in my lifetime!" - Leonard & Lillie Heldrith

    "I have witnessed many displays in the UK. None of them have come close to this. It was exceptional!" - Adrian Blackburn

    "Amazing work being done by dedicated people" - Rex & Lynette Anderson

    "Thanks for saving our raptors" - R&T Speed

    "Fantastic facility in peaceful surrounds" - Bob & Diane Bicko

    "One thing off my bucket list. Awesome !" - Mariaan Keow