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  • Small Morepork Soft Toy

    small plush soft toy Morepork

    Soft toy with life-like morepork sound.

    Height: 15cm
    Shipping: worldwide delivery

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  • Morepork Soft Plush Toy - SOLD OUT!

    plush soft toy morepork

    Soft plush toy with life-like morepork sound and rotating head.

    Height: 20cm
    Shipping: worldwide delivery

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  • Small Falcon Soft Toy - SOLD OUT!

    soft toy - falcon

    Soft toy, Koha, with life-like falcon sound.
    Height: 18cm
    Shipping: worldwide delivery

    Where's Koha? Our falcon toy, Koha, is travelling the world. Check out his travels on Facebook & post your photo of Koha on: Where's Koha

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